Study Tour-RAB HQ By GSG Students

A study tour was organized for the students of GSG 321 on 18 November 2019. GSG 321: International Terrorism and Counter Terrorism course has been designed to give a clear and comprehensive introduction to the complex issues surrounding terrorism with an analytical evaluation to achieve learning of following:

  • learn the definition of terrorism;
  • learn the context and origin of terrorism;
  • understand the typology and theories of terrorism;
  • comprehend counter-terrorism tactics;
  • explore the different trajectories and pathways.

Keeping the above-mentioned objectives and understanding, a study was conducted to know the Bangladeshi perspective on terrorism and counter-terrorism.

A team of officials/experts from Elite RAB (Rapid Action Battalion) forces gave a detailed presentation on:

  • Terrorist militancy in Bangladesh: Response from Law Enforcement Authorities.
  • Threat of global terrorism for Bangladesh: Our counter-terrorism strategies and challenges.
  • Holey Artisan Bakery incident: Lesson learned.

Presentation with appropriate video clips ended with the active participation of students in Q & A session. The visit was planned and executed under direct supervision of GSG Faculty Major General M. Ashab Uddin, ndc, psc (Rtd).

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