The Department offers a four year undergraduate program in Anthropology and Sociology leading to Bachelor of Social Science degrees and 2 minor programs, in Anthropology and Sociology. A 16 months graduate program in Development studies leading to Master of Social Sciences is also offered by the Department.
The undergraduate program of Anthropology and Sociology and the graduate program of Development studies provides you an opportunity to explore the historical perspectives and the contemporary dimensions of the human societies and their interplay with science and technology. There is a growing demand for Sociologists and Anthropologists in research institutions, business organizations, development agencies, government sectors, non-government organizations and academics. The study of Anthropology and Sociology cultivates critical thinking and analytical skills which are essential for a meaningful development of the society.
The Department of Social Sciences and Humanities at IUB seeks to develop capable and competent citizens who are empowered with knowledge, skills, and attitudes to make informed and responsible decisions in a diverse and constantly changing world.
Our goal is to offer our learning participants a vibrant academic environment with high-quality rigorous training through peer learning, field experience, critical engagement and effective communication skills. Valuing liberal arts education, we seek to develop our Department as one of the leading entities in South-Asia where students will develop professional skills dealing local and global issues with an inquisitive mind and adequate subject-competence to cope with the rapidly changing world of twenty-first century. We encourage interaction among policy-makers, planners and grassroots level activists focusing on collaborative research to facilitate mutual understanding for peaceful co-existence in society. Aspiring for cross-cultural appreciation our approach includes the globalization of local issues as well as the localization of global ones with special attention to contemporary Bangladeshi society.