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BA in English Language Teaching

Our BA in English Language Teaching programme prepares students to take up teaching careers in English at the school and intermediate college level. It is particularly valuable for those who would like to have specialized training in teaching English language skills to speakers of other languages. The courses offered are a combination of survey courses and intensive ones focusing on special areas of English language teaching. Students are also required to take a number of literature courses to introduce them to language in use as well as to prepare them for teaching careers at schools and intermediate colleges where they may be required to teach both language and literature. Graduates may also opt to go on for higher studies for which the intensive courses will have prepared them adequately.

Degree Completion Requirements

For graduation students must complete a total of 123-125 credits
Foundation courses 39-41 credits (including LFE)
Core courses 42 credits (14 courses)
Major requirement 24 credits (8 courses)
Minor requirement (open to all IUB undergraduates) 15 credits (5 courses)
Teaching Practice/Internship/Project/Thesis 3 credits

* All students must take the university foundation courses for undergraduate students to complete 39-41 credits.
BA in English Language Teaching Syllabus

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