Adilur Rahman




  • Name: Adilur Rahman
  • Experience: Lecturer, Department of English and Modern Languages (School of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences), Independent University, Bangladesh (January 02, 2018-Present) Lecturer in English, Sonargaon University (SU) (September 2015-December 2017)
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  1. Project Title: Field Experience of TESOL Researchers in Bangladesh
    Project Manager: Adilur Rahaman and Shuvo Saha
  2. Project Title: Field Experience of TESOL Researchers in Bangladesh: A Narrative Inquiry
    Project Manager: Adilur Rahaman and Shuvo Saha



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Education & Training

  • 2013

    MA in ELT

    East West University

  • 2011

    BA (Hons) in English

    East West University