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Mohammad Mahfuzul Islam
Department of Social Science and Humanities
School of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences
Independent University, Bangladesh
Phone: 9862386-90 ext-
MSS Dhaka University

Mohammad Mahfuzul Islam earned his BSS (2004) and MSS (2006) in Anthropology from the University of Dhaka. Initially he was involved in some sporadic research work. He started his formal career at James P Grant School of Public health, BRAC University in 2007 and worked there for several months. Then he joined Independent University, Bangladesh in October, 2007 where he has been working since then. He has been taking courses like Applied Anthropology, Anthropology of Symbol and Religion, Economic Anthropology and Ecological Anthropology. His areas of interest are religion, colonialism, genocide, fascism and hegemonic studies. Recently an article on the film ‘Noroshundor’ directed by Tareque and Catherine Masud has been published in Star Campus on August the 15th. He also contributed to a compendium (forthcoming) on Levi-Strauss which is going to be published this year (2010).