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MSS in Media & Communication

The MSS program aims to impart the students the necessary skills to develop greater understanding of the contemporary media industry. Such appreciation is essential to negotiate with the complex communication networks in today’s globalized world. Therefore this master’s program recognizes that the fields of media and communication are today more global than local. Global communication technologies in broadcasting, print, telecommunications and other media are shaping the way we share information, get entertained and engage in various everyday activities. Addressing the multi-disciplinary nature of media and communication today, the MSS program at IUB provides critical perspectives on the sociology, culture, politics and economics of contemporary media practices. It ensures a mix of theoretical approaches to media studies and practical applications of the media technologies.

Vision: Preparing media and communication experts for the 21st century who will become leaders in the field.
Mission: With comprehensive education in Communication Studies, the MSS helps students to develop conceptual and critical skills in order to become advanced practitioners in the fields of Journalism, and Film and Television.