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If you want to explore the dimensions of contemporary life then be a part of SLASS. The School follows a broad based liberal arts curriculum and offers a variety of disciplines through four specialized departments.

In addition to offering 5 major programs leading to a Bachelor's degree and 6 minor programs, the SLASS offers a Master of Social Science in Development Studies under the Department of Social Sciences and Humanities, and the Department of Media and Communication is offering Master of Social Science in Media & Communication. It also provides an integral component of IUB's academic offerings, the Foundation Courses, for the undergraduates, tailored to enhance critical thinking and essential skills. SLASS also conducts the Live-in-Field Experience(LFE), a twelve-day exposure to the rural life in Bangladesh.

The creative and challenging environment at SLASS gives you an opportunity to discover your forte. You can choose to become a communication expert, a master of language, a journalist, a creative writer, a teacher, an anthropologist, a sociologist, an entrepreneur or  go on to pursue advance studies.  Let our extraordinary faculty at SLASS prepare you to be an extraordinary professional and a dynamic member of the global community.

Heads of Departments/Programs

Dr. Zakir Hossain Raju

Department of Media &


Towhid Bin Muzaffar

Department of English &
Depeartment of Modern


Imtiaz A. Hussain

Global Studies and Governance Programme