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School of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences aspires to become one of the Excellent Hubs in Regional Liberal Arts Education


To cater and nurture professionals who are capable to enhance the process of sustainable-holistic development by bridging the relation between academia  community and working universe without any compromise to human quality

If you want to explore the dimensions of contemporary life then be a part of SLASS. The School follows a broad based liberal arts curriculum and offers a variety of disciplines through four specialized departments.

In addition to offering 5 major programs leading to a Bachelor's degree and 6 minor programs, the SLASS offers a Master of Social Science in Development Studies under the Department of Social Sciences and Humanities, and the Department of Media and Communication is offering Master of Social Science in Media & Communication. It also provides an integral component of IUB's academic offerings, the Foundation Courses, for the undergraduates, tailored to enhance critical thinking and essential skills. SLASS also conducts the Live-in-Field Experience(LFE), a twelve-day exposure to the rural life in Bangladesh.

The creative and challenging environment at SLASS gives you an opportunity to discover your forte. You can choose to become a communication expert, a master of language, a journalist, a creative writer, a teacher, an anthropologist, a sociologist, an entrepreneur or  go on to pursue advance studies.  Let our extraordinary faculty at SLASS prepare you to be an extraordinary professional and a dynamic member of the global community.

Heads of Departments/Programs

Dr. Zakir Hossain Raju

Department of Media &


Towhid Bin Muzaffar

Department of English &
Depeartment of Modern


Imtiaz A. Hussain

Global Studies and Governance Programme





Welcome Message

From the Dean

Liberal arts education is the cornerstone of IUB curricula. It focuses on a complete education by training the students beyond the skills needed to perform in the job market. Liberal arts education seeks to create a socially responsible person, endowing the student with the knowledge necessary to go about in the world.  It allows one to know one’s culture, society and civilization as it enriches the soul and enhances humanity through the learning of the arts, history, music, literature, science, and philosophy.


At IUB liberal arts education is conducted through the School of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences (SLASS). I, on behalf of the faculty and students of SLASS, welcome you to enter this wonderful world and experience creation first hand as you tell a story, recite a poem, perform in a drama, appreciate a song, paint a picture, take a photo, edit a film, write a column or debate a social issue. I welcome you to a world where life has a meaning and living has fulfillment.
- Dr. Mahbub Alam